Gena Medical Co. whithin its activities in the fields of import, supply and sales of medical equipment and supplies, especially in IVF & Genetic sectors, has been honored to supply the consumable and non-consumable goods for many in the medical industry.


Without a doubt, our successes in this field are the result of our commercial team’s efforts for supplying high quality goods from well-known companies as well as the great efforts of the sales and marketing team to do market survey and analysis of customer needs to offer the best products to them.


We hope to retain the satisfaction of existing customers and continued increasing cooperation with them as well as be able to expand our activities and cover the needs and demands of a greater range of customers.



Here are some of our customers:



Givar IVF Center, Erfan Hospital, Tehran                                                                                         



Mehr Medical Institute, Rasht                                                                                                      



Avicenna Center, Tehran                                                                                                                       



Yas Hospital - Tehran                                                                                                                



Madar Hospital - Yazd                                                                                                             



Mazandaran University Of Medical Sciences - Sari                                                                            



Stem Cell Research Department - Shariati Hospital - Tehran                                                                



Qazvin University Of Medical University - Qazvin                                                                                    



Avicenna Research Institute - Tehran                                                                                                             



Avesta Laboratory - Tehran                                                                                                                



Mortaz General Hospital - Yazd                                                                                                   



Birjand University Of Medical Sciences - South Khorasan                                                                       



Shahid Beheshti University Of Medical Sciences - Tehran                                                                       



Faculty Of Allied Medicine - Iran University Of Medical Sciences - Tehran                                              



IVF Center - Jahad Daneshgahi - Markazi Branch                                                                                    



IVF Center - Jahad Daneshgahi - Ardebil Branch                                                                                            



School Of Allied Medical Sciences - Tehran Medical University - Tehran                                              



Erfan Hospital - Tehran                                                                                                                          



Dr Azita Saffarzadeh - Tehran                                                                                                       



Pardis Technology Park - Tehran                                                                                                              



Labbafinejad Hospital - Tehran