About us

GenaMedical is a fast growing company active in R&D, supply and distribution of medical equipment and consumables especially in ART and Genetic fields.  Our head office is located in a heart of business district of capital city of Tehran and our research and distribution centre is located in a newly build, state of the art 1000 Sq. M bulding in Pardis Technology park near Tehran.
 By now we have 6 employees in head office and 10 in R & D building.
Although the company is a new born one, but partners & members of the board have a long time experience in medical fields with a scientific & professional background which give us a dominant character in Iran's market.
Our board and advisory members are amongst the most recognized professionals in the academics and medical fields in Iran who also actively engaged as partner/owners and practitioners in largest IVF and Genetic centres.
Gena Medical is committed to introduce and supply high quality products and medical supplies to local Market which ultimately benefits consumers and medical community. 


Our Mission


 To effectively serve the specialized and diverse needs of the medical community especially the ART & Genetic sectors. We conduct our business with highest degree of honesty and integrity. We dedicate ourselves to our customers, our partners and to one another, with one common goal in mind:


 “Effectively serving medical community and consumers”


 Our Vision


Our vision is to be the premier supplier and distributor to the medical industry in the regional market. We will achieve this goal through an ongoing innovation, research and commitment to the quality of products and services. A balance of leadership and teamwork will serve as our foundation.



Our Commitments

  • To offer quality in products, services and training.
  • To build partnerships of value for the present and future.
  • To possess a broad working knowledge of all dimensions of this market.
  • To encourage high standards and loyalty in all relationships.
  • To exceed your expectations.


 Our Team

Each member of our team is focused on providing our customers with exceptional services. The GenaMedical culture of accountability results in constant, measurable performance improvement which is communicated to and shared with our customers. GenaMedical’s experienced sales support team will assist in locating even hard to find items.


Our Difference

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with the quality of our team and our proven ability to define and implement customized supply chain solutions. Powerful combination of quality in products & services, extensive sales and domestic & international marketing capabilities sets us apart from our competitors. Our research and development team and partners has particular expertise in developing technically challenging products. We look for products that have a strong market potential and that complement our focus on key categories.


Our Products

GenaMedical relationships with the leading manufacturers, suppliers and users of medical equipment allow us to offer a broad range of high quality products allowing our customers to access exactly what they want.